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We are a boutique human resources consultancy based in Dubai delivering top tier talent solutions to clients across the Middle East. We specialise in marketing, digital, advertising, media and banking and tech recruitment. Our aim is to be the number one talent partner for companies as well as the best talent coach for job seekers in the region.

Headquartered in the UAE with offices in Dubai and Bangalore we are a trusted hiring partner to local and international clients alike. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, local enterprises, SMEs and startups. With two decades of recruitment expertise in various industry sectors, we are committed to treat companies and candidates as individuals who have unique needs.


Finding the best candidates for every role.

The right candidate placed in the right position can make all the difference between the success and failure of a company. This is especially true at the executive level as they are the decision makers and form the backbone of a company.
Since senior and mid-level managers are instrumental in steering the company towards growth while maintaining smooth links between the management and employees, hiring the right candidates is a must for all.
The success of any turnkey assignment demands the right service provider that can meet a company’s recruitment needs within the specified time-frame and without compromising on the human resource quality.
In-depth knowledge about the market, existing talent pools, compensation norms, and industry practices can enable you to attract the best talents and retain them for long-term engagements.

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